The original plan for my 68 was a big block swap so I could tow my 65 on a car hauler. Well, I picked up a cheap diesel super duty, and I've been spoiled. Even though there are far more powerful diesels than the 7.3 powerstroke, the ease at which it tows a ridiculous load, like a front loader, makes me question the purpose of the big block swap.

Now, this doesn't mean I'm abandoning the swap. the engine is already in so I'm continuing, just means that some other things that were towing specific may not happen. I'm getting tired of the disc brake swap, it may continue but for now I'm going to give the drum brakes another chance.

My pole barn is in a stated of suspended animation until I get a variance, the zoning board meets on October 12 so I get to plead my need. Once I get the permit, the concrete can be poured and I can get started. This will greatly aid work on the vans and other things since the floor in my garage is way to rough to lay on.

The 65 is alive, sort of. It hooked up a battery and a small fuel tank and fired it up. Hopefully I can get it mobile over the winter.

Another bummer on the 68- while moving it around last year, I bumped into my plow truck and pushed in the front a little. It's a fairly easy spot to get to, right next to the headlight, just sucks that I gotta fix that now. Also, because it's had to sit outside, it's getting patina. Ugh.

My other two vans, the 83 Chevy and the 86 Dodge, are in need of attention. The 83 needs some rear springs and a serious HP upgrade. The 305 is super reliable, but when it's not even half as fast as my slow a$$ diesel truck, it needs help. The Dodge needs a lot of little maintenance things, it's likely to be the van I take to the Nats next year, it is capable of towing the 65, and it has somewhat working AC.

I've decided to stop taking on new projects. Between the vans, and my son's Valiant, I have enough to keep me busy until I expire.

Hope everybody else's projects are progressing, trust me I know how frustrating they can be!