My wife and I just purchased our first house and my van keeps getting pushed further and further back. I have lots of history and documentation about all its stages of life as it made its way from the west coast to the east coast.

the motor is an inline 250. It is installed and together but not hooked up. I have all the remaining parts to make it work. It turns, can lock all 4 wheels when braking (ask me how I know) and shifts fine, although sometimes the linkage can bind up because it needs bushings.

the only bad rust is in the 2 back corners of the cargo area where the floor has rusted out, the bottom of the 2 back doors sills (not the face), and the rocker panels that are getting soft. All the rest is just surface rust. The van is very solid structurally.

I have tons of photos and am able to answer any questions you have about it. You can reach me either through here, but the best way is either by texting at anytime or by calling after 5:45pm EST. My phone number is 770-823-6535. Thanks for looking!