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    • "WOW! This website never ceases to amaze me. I was at a loss on how to deal with my motor mount issue. I posted yesterday with my questions and WHAM!, less than 24 hours later they are bolted to my engine! This site and the members that spend the time to help others out is the NUMBER 1 go to place for anything to do with our 1st and 2nd generation vans."
      ~Gary Ruissen, British Columbia, Canada
      VCVC Member since 2007

    • "finding such an informative and friendly place certainly influenced my decision to get an early chevy van. and all the help and advice has saved me a trip to the mechanic on more than one occasion."
      ~optik, Cincinnati, OH
      Member since 2003

    • .....new here and.....I have always had a van since before I could drive.....but am still waiting to get my 2nd gen chevy.....Thanks for everyone being so kind and helpful, I know that it is through this network of van lovers that I will finally get my 2nd gen.
      ~hvacpro, Peru, IN
      Member since 2011