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    Wiring Routing Pictures Request

    I recently bought a '69 G10 that needs some work from a family friend. No motor so I put in a 350SBC with a TH350, still working on mounting the trans up to the frame. I'm curious if anyone has any pictures of how they routed their wiring from the dash to the engine?

    I see a ~2-1/2" hole in the driver's side of the doghouse that I think wires went into, but does the wiring bundle just go between the pedals and under the driver's seat? If that's the case does anyone have a cleaner solution than stock?

    Unless youre a electronical type of person...
    The stock set-up is what works for me. That hole under the drivers seat is a spot for a connector:
    American Autowire is the premier wiring harness manufacturer. We manufacture wiring harnesses for any automotive project! GM OEM restoration, restomod and modified restoration as well as custom Street Rods!

    As the vans were being assembled the engines came up from under and the bodies came down from above. (sounds almost heavenly)
    The assembly team just plugged the top into the bottom. EZ.

    50+ years later that connector can be a hassle. It can come apart at REALLY bad times, like sitting at a light. The entire van will quit!
    Eliminating that plug can be done. Routing the wires any place you can.

    If it works for you. Thats what a van is...
    Not like every other one out there. Not like any other one out there.

    Looking forward to meeting you.

    Pictures havent been working on this site for about a year...
    Send me an email and I can send some wiring pics to you.
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      Thanks for the info Mike. I did see in a previous thread you had recommended that same harness, so I already had one on the way! Good to know I was getting close on the routing, pictures would help, I'll shoot you an email with those nose pictures when my lunch break starts.