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exhaust manifold studs and springs, can't find

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    exhaust manifold studs and springs, can't find

    I am infrequent member here, I love my stock white cargo van got it new in 95 and have over 280k miles and runs great.
    I developed a small noise when I drive around town or give the engine a little work to do going up hill.
    I had the manifolds on the engine replaced over 100k back but now the exhaust flange on the driver side is making a tiny bit of annoying noise.
    When the manifold was installed, not by me, they used studs and springs, I'd like to do the same, but I cannot find a source,
    I saw what I needed at summit racing, and there are lots of lists that include the 5.7 engine but no mention of a g20 van.
    Of course I've been under the van to see if they where loose, the studs, but I found I could back them out entirely with the nut frozen on the stud, so I guess I am pretty lucky about that.
    Any comments on with or without springs is appreciated, thanks Leonard

    I want to correct this post and clarify that what I am trying to find is exhaust flange studs and springs.
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    Try this

    I'm not sure about the springs but one option for the stud is McMaster Carr part# 94358A340. It's a 3" long stud with 1" of 3/8-24 threads, 5/8" of 3/8-16 threads and a hex and has a hex drive on the end. They're about 6 bucks a piece.

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      I had to give up on the spring idea. I am going to take from your post the hardness and check with what I have found elsewhere, well, rock auto, fel pro has some studs and nuts that would fit
      Seems to me I want the best quality for just about the hottest part of the manifold, I don't want to come back and find they have cracked or froze.
      I have a bad wipers, I think its the circuit board, I know how to fix that kind of stuff , but to reach it is going to be hard.
      Also my starter is original and never been changed, I day dream about buying one to have it on hand,
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