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A Sportvan build up in Maine

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    A messy shop is ussually a shop that is actually worked it..

    Good looking work being done..

    I hope to see you and your van at the Nats in a few weeks.....
    Its a "van thing". A life style you have to live to understand!!!!


      Well, after a bunch of small issues popping up over the last 3wks, including a few amateur mistakes I made, she is back on the road again. Drove her all day today and she ran great with a lot more HP and smooth as hell. There’s only two small things left before the Nats trip next week. Finish the air intake (which I put in front of the radiator to keep temps down), and adjust the pinion angle slightly with shims.
      Here’s a few pics for now but I’ll add a bunch more about the LS swap if anyone is interested, when I return from the Nats.
      Click image for larger version

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      Only two gauges are working accurately in this pic. Tach and Gas, but I’m working on the others.
      Click image for larger version

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      1966 Sportvan - 1963 VW Bug


        Well, it’s been awhile since I updated this post but I have been driving the van a lot and LOVING the LS drivetrain I put in. Besides putting miles on it, I have been chipping away at small upgrades but nothing too exciting. I did decide to buy a sewing machine and try my hand at upholstery. That has been fun learning the techniques. Here’s the old (late ‘90s) Nissan seats that came in my van when I bought it and also a pic of the new seats I made. I am halfway done with the rear seat but that’ll be a little longer.
        I also decided this winter to finish the underside of the van and my friend lent me his (homemade) rotisserie. Please ignore the unorganized, dirty garage because I am actually pretty productive in it.
        My to-do list includes: new leaf spring bushings, new shocks, small patch work underneath and paint underside, new floor shifter on tunnel (instead of column shifter), re-pin door hinges, install bear claw latches and new exterior door handles (from a different classic car - stay tuned), replace gas cap area (poorly patched), fix another bad patch job from previous owner, add power windows, rebuild and regear rear end, and also box in the fender flares (fiberglass) that came on my van. The final task is upgrade the gauges to a Holley digital cluster but I have an idea to keep it appearing somewhat stock looking.
        I’ll post updated pics this winter as things are getting done.
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        1966 Sportvan - 1963 VW Bug


          What year van?
          1965 Display


            1966, Gary.
            1966 Sportvan - 1963 VW Bug


              Looking really good. Keep the progress pics coming!
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