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    Photobucket issues

    I have been using Photobucket for years now.

    I have a bunch of pictures over has all ways worked good for me.
    Other than the fact some of my pictures have been stolen (just a gray square shows up where the picture was once at)
    Now the site it's self Is sending me a freaking page that says "other pages you might like"
    This freaking page is locking up my computer.
    This makes responding to a simple post with a picture a bit more time consuming.

    Looks like I might have to copy my pictures back to a picture stick and just stop using this site
    How ever this in it's self will be a time consuming processes.

    Any body else here using photobucket running into the same issues ?
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    Its a "van thing". A life style you have to live to understand!!!!

    I have quit using it myself. It's like they poured a bucket of molasses in the program. If I can't upload from the PC it doesn't happen.
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      Only problem recently I have had,is when I go to edit a photo and try to re orient the position, it refuses to do so???? They keep saying try again?????? Something definitely is going on there!
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        Still working ok for me, but definitely slower. I hate that they took away the option of viewing all your photos on one page. I have to keep searching for older pics.
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