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Thread: Vans & Coffee - San Diego - 4/11/2021

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    Vans & Coffee - San Diego - 4/11/2021

    [Imagine a SWEET van related flyer here, with information on the event]

    San Clemente Trailhead Parking Lot
    San Diego, CA
    9 AM - NOON

    Just South of the 52, off Regents Rd

    Normally, If you are headed South on Regents you can turn Right, enter the West Lot/San Clemente/Rose Creek Trails and loop under to the road to access the East Lot. The gate was closed last weekend with no option to turn left

    You will have to head up the hill and U-Turn at the first light, Luna Ave. Cruise back down the hill and the entrance will be on your Right

    Dogs are allowed, leashed at all times

    Dirt Lot, Restrooms and access to some cycling/hiking trails, if that's your thing. Or stuff donuts into your piehole and talk about vans, if that's your thing

    Come on down, let's do van sh*t!
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